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opportunistic and great pitching and one of the best stories of it was the defense they played. >> really why we love this. and this team so much is because it was a team ta wouldn't die and there are so many great stories. in 2010 they were the band of misfits. this is the team that wouldn't be eliminated and they sweep the tigers in the world series and bring home a championship. back to the bay area in san francisco and we will see you in detroit with more reports. let's send it back to you in the bay area from comerica park. it's rain bug beautiful here tonight because the giants are world champs. >> that's wonderful. thank you, lawrence scott reporting for us from detroit. right now we want to take you outside to san francisco. this is our helicopter. it is moved over to the mission district. this is 22nd and mission. there is another bond bonfire this the street similar to what we are seeing over at near at&t park. you can also see from this picture that it is a much wider shot of the pictures. there are many, thousands of people in the streets. and a few bonfires. this is bigger than othe
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1